How do I keep my rabbit healthy? Pretty smart actually! Cats' brains take up 0.9 percent of their total body mass, compared to … Rabbits groom themselves, but they also love a gentle brushing. The brain of the domesticated cat is about five centimetres (2.0 in) long, and weighs 25–30 g (0.88–1.06 oz). Dogs make loyal pets for families that invest the … The aim of this study was to characterise the common conditions of rabbits and guinea pigs, and to compare these with the topics found in the published literature. Most cats and rabbits live together peacefully and sometimes even become friends. Laminar organization of receptive field types was observed in rabbits which was similar in most respects to that described in the cat. The service was discontinued as pigeons were quicker, but we bet they didn’t look nearly as cute! Thought bathroom habits are more like a cat then a horse or a dog. On this ranking, they were probably a bit smarter than rabbits and not quite as smart as cats and dogs. Cats are generally low-maintenance and independent, but may not be suitable for some families or children. Guinea pigs have a better memory than rabbits as rabbits short-term memory only lasts for a few minutes guinea pig’s memory lasts very long. The study: Ben Vermaercke and his colleagues at KU Leuven gave two cognitive-learning tasks to lab rats and students. Bunnies are smart, just in different ways from cats and dogs. Rabbits are typically prey animals while cats are predators, so this process may take a bit of time. Let’s run a comparison: Pros of rabbits as pets. P.S. The brain Brain size. Their sense of smell exceeds that of a human. They could be attacked by cats (both domestic and wild), dogs, wolves, and birds of prey such as hawks and falcons. Therefore, this means that these felines prey on wild rabbits and this will include eating them or their young ones. They can live in the house or the garden. 6 Things to Know About Rabbits. Dr. Baum’s articles on pet care: And you thought cats were weird! And long-time rabbit owners claim that domestic rabbits are, in their own way, every bit as smart as cats and dogs. Rabbits are curious, smart, silly, sometimes stubborn (in the *most* adorable way any creature can be) and they want to feel safe. I have a pet rabbit, (I've always had dogs, cats, birds before that), and to me, rabbits are super smart about survival. A rabbit's teeth never stop growing. So how intelligent are cats? Dogs are smarter than cats and their advantage is increasing. Though the brain of a cat is comparatively smaller than that of other species, relative brain size isn’t always the best indicator of intelligence. However, this comparison is made more complicated by the fact that the velociraptor's brains appear to be relatively primitive, despite their large size, and they may have instead had highly developed senses with not much thinking power. How are Rabbits Different from Cats & Dogs? They are often compared to guinea pigs but they may be as similar, in care and behaviour, to guinea pigs as they are to cats. Rabbits can bond with their keepers: I know you won’t believe that unless you get a pet rabbit of your … This is especially true for rabbits. Rabbits have strikingly distinctive personalities. Bunny Logic 101 – Rabbits are Smart! Environmental impact reports have indicated that a reduced number of feral cats such as their eradication in areas with wild rabbits always lead to a shoot in wild bun population that has a devastating effect on vegetation. They can sprint faster than we can. Cats' brains are very similar to humans' brains in a lot of ways. I normally compare rabbits to horses for trainability and smarts. If someone wants a rabbit and is only familiar with those pet animals, then they would have to learn a lot about caring for this species and the behaviour of rabbits. One thing that most people … They can be as playful and silly as puppies or kittens, as independent and fascinating as cats, or as loyal and openly affectionate as dogs. Ribs: Cats' ribs are "rounder" than rabbits' ribs according to this source. However, guinea pigs go toe to toe with them. They find food as far as half a mile from their burrow. It’s a long-term commitment so please do your homework and make sure you and your existing pets are ready, willing, and able to provide a loving, safe home for a rabbit. Keep rabbits away from all other pets, especially dogs and cats. One of the key differences between cats and rabbits is that cats are by nature solitary animals and rabbits are social creatures. In terms of size, the brain of the cat accounts for approximately 0.9 percent of its body mass, compared to about 2 percent in an average human and about 1.2 percent in an average dog. The quickest cat reached their destination in under 5 hours and all of the others made it back within 24 hours. Can be trained to do their business in a litter pan. By Bunny Approved August 6, 2013. They can leap, unaided, far above their own ears. Dr. Wilkinson points out how pet rabbits are especially at risk in hot weather. Even raccoons attack rabbits. Like to be pet; Cages are easy to clean; Need little supervision; Gets along well with other pets; When you want a break, you put them in a cage and lock them up. Their long jumps exceed their body length amazingly. Cottontail rabbits, pros at life on the streets, only live for about 1-3 years. Rabbits do have more neurons in than their brains than guinea pigs do. Gnawing on hay helps keep them healthy. The free-range house rabbit (litter box trained and never caged, living in a large, bunny-proofed area) who joined our family via adoption, has taught me a LOT. They certainly make your house less messed up compared to cats. Each rabbit has a distinct personality. Put your rabbit in a cage for 2 to 3 weeks until it gets used to its new surroundings or the new cat. Don’t believe me? Because of this, when the rabbit becomes comfortable in his home environment, he will often do more to protect himself and his position in the home's social heirarchy, which can mean challenging the cat if she tries to stalk or attack. Rabbits are, in fact, quite intelligent creatures able to memorize, solve problems, and react to cues. Experience Level: Beginner Size: Rabbit size depends on the breed, but averages between 2-10 pounds Lifespan: Rabbits live for 6-13 years on average Sleeping Patterns: Rabbits are diurnal and active during the day Social Life: Rabbits like to play. Single cells were also recorded from primary visual cortex of cat to permit a comparison of visual cortical organization in cats and rabbits. Rabbits are Prey Animals. A cat's femora are straight, whereas a rabbit's is more or less bent, especially pronounced in older animals. Outdoor rabbits face many dangers from predators. Rabbits have their own set of gifts. If you are feeling hesitant to bring rabbits to home as a pet, then it only depends on which one you prefer most. De-sexing - it is highly recommended that rabbits are neutered or spayed, both for health and behavioural reasons. Much of the rest you can teach to a horse or rabbit. Pros of cats as pets. This video is about cats and rabbits how to help them get along. What makes rabbits better pets than cats? 80% of a rabbit's diet should be hay which is relatively cheap compared to cat food or rabbit pellets. Anything you can train a horse to do you can train a rabbit to do. A rabbit is a smart, intelligent animal and requires less space than cats. They sure are. Take a look at these surprising bunny facts, and how rabbits share some intricate physiology with cats. Same applies to a lesser extent to radius and ulna (forearm), but they might have been removed. Rabbits … unlike dogs, rabbits; don't fetch, and they don't track/hunt. Like cats, they are smart and can be litterbox trained. Cats and dogs are SO domesticated. Or both. It is a mathematically sophisticated comparison of the actual brain weight of an animal compared to … With proper care, rabbits can live 10-12 years. I have always been amazed at the odd things that arise in the course of my association with rabbits during the thirty-three years that I have practiced veterinary medicine. Firearm and ammunition reviews, archery coverage and features stories from the staff of American Hunter, an Official Journal of the National Rifle Association. Smart Bunny? Cats notoriously hate participating in research studies, making it hard for scientists to come up with an definitive facts about their intelligence. Are rabbits smart? This should have made them smarter and intelligent than guinea pigs. Domesticated rabbits are used to having rabbit food and timothy hay provided for them, and may not be able to find food on their own. People who haven't lived with rabbits often ask those who do if rabbits make "good pets," and if so, if they are more like dogs or cats. Rabbits and guinea pigs are increasingly popular pets in the UK, yet little is known about their common ailments, or how these relate to what appears in the published literature. And he’s won them over. Rabbits and cats can be kept together, but you’ll need to secure the rabbit at first and watch any interaction they have to make it work. If you’re renting the smallest room known to man … Depending on how you measure intelligence they may or may not be smarter than cats, most animal IQ tests involve learning tricks, on those tests rats score higher that cats, but lots of people say those tests aren't accurate measures of cat intelligence. ... At that point, Bunny usually gets compared to a cat or a dog.