Nature and Architecture: Emilio Ambasz and Fukuoka’s ACROS center 25 years later Image: “Asian Cross Roads Over the Sea” aka ACROS building Fukuoka, Japan 1995 In 2020, the spectacular green architecture of the “Asian Cross Roads Over the Sea” – or ACROS – is celebrating its 25th anniversary. VB: I am still trying to grasp how you graduated from Princeton so fast. When we talked about this a … Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall. The ACROS centre in Fukuoka recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its construction. On June 13, Emilio Ambasz, an award-winning industrial designer and a precursor of “green” architecture, turned 75. Emilio Ambasz and the ACROS centre in Fukuoka 25 years later. The Museum of Architectonic and Design Arts is to be built in Madrid, on the Pas eo del Prado 30, facing the world renowned Museo Nacional del Prado and Madrid’s Botanical Garden. Fukuoka, Japan, was in need of a new government office building and the only available site was a … Deviant to the predominantly Brutalist 1970s, Ambasz’ works are characterized by a combination of buildings hidden in or under gardens. Located adjacent to Tenjin Central Park—the only green open space in that part of the Fukuoka’s ACROS centre in Japan designed by Argentinian architect Emilio Ambasz has reached its 25th anniversary.. Emilio Ambasz 1. 17/08/2020 - Ricorre quest'anno il 25° anniversario del centro ACROS di Fukuoka (Giappone) progettato dall’architetto argentino Emilio Ambasz.Un edificio di 100.000mq in centro città che ha restituito alla comunità il terreno su cui sorge, dando vita alla prima grande opera architettonica in simbiosi con la natura, divenuta esempio e modello di ispirazione diffuso nel mondo. EMILIO AMBASZ “EL VERDE CUBRE AL GRIS” 2. Emilio Ambasz Founder The city of Fukuoka, Japan, desperately needed a new government office building, yet the only available site was a two hectares public park in the center of town. ACROS FUKUOKA INTERNATIONAL HALL 3. Its north face. The Emilio Ambasz-designed ACROS Fukuoka in Fukuoka City, Japan, 1990. ... Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall, 1994. The 100,000-sqm building in the city centre has given the area a new life, being the first big design enterprise that dialogues with nature and becoming a model of inspiration around the world. Among Emilio Ambasz’ recent projects, ACROS Fukuoka – Prefectural International Hall is a most powerful synthesis of urban and park forms. Image Courtesy of Emilio Ambasz. ACROS FUKUOKA INTERNATIONAL HALL / EMILIO AMBASZ Nombre: ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall Año proyecto: 1.990 Año construcción: 1.994 Propiedad: Dai-Ichi Mutual Life Mitsui Real Estate Localización: Fukuoka, Japón Superficie: 1,000,000 sq ft Usos: … Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall Emilio Ambasz como Arquitectos. The design, created by Argentinian architect Emilio Ambasz and considered a precursor to “green” architecture, is the result of a research project started forty years ago based on the idea of giving back to nature the land taken from it by the construction. The powerful building designed by Emilio Ambasz – whose images continue to travel around the world – is the result of innovative research and vision that began forty years ago. Hiromi Watanabe – Watanabe Studios . Emilio Ambasz built ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall in Japan in 1995. Emilio Ambasz Nihon Sekkei Ubicación Fukuoka City, Fukuoka , Japan | View Map Año Del Proyecto 1995 Categoría Parques/Jardines Espacios Verdes Urbanos Salas de Conciertos.